Domain name registration

When you’re thinking of creating a website, the first course of action will be to register or buy a domain name. And you will want a cost-effective domain name to start with. If you scavenge the internet, you’ll discover that proper domain names range from $10 to $35 per year. The price can go beyond $35 depending on the kind of domain name. For instance, .com domain names tend to be more expensive than other domain name extensions. The features included in the domain name will also determine its price. For a price of $10, ensure you get the following:

A personalized email account when you register or buy a domain name

A personalized email account is a critical feature when registering a domain name. A customized or personalized email account with your domain name can take your business reputation up a notch or two. It also offers a short, memorable email address, and it’s safer on the internet.

Full DNS access is important during domain name registration

You should be very careful with this aspect. Most registrars limit your access to DNS settings. Full DNS access enables you to point your site to domain name servers of any given web hosting provider on the globe.

Make sure you get free parking during domain name registration

Domain name parking ensures you put your website on hold until you build it out, procure a hosting provider or sell it. That means that if someone tries to access your site using your domain name, they will be directed to a temporary web page that tells them that your website is coming soon.

Domain Privacy protection is essential after domain name registration

After successful registration of your domain name, your domain details such as name, email address, mailing address, phone number and other personal details are listed on the Whois registry, where anybody can access them. It’s a good idea to make your details private due to security issues. Some domain name registrars do this for free, while others charge a fee. So you should know upfront which plan (paid or free) the registrar offers before you register a domain name.

Ensure you get domain forwarding or masking option during domain name registration

Domain name forwarding allows you to automatically direct your site traffic to another website. Masking prevents clients from knowing your domain name.


Well, when looking to register or buy a domain name for your website at a competitive rate, ensure it comes with the above-listed features. Ideally, these should be bare minimums, as other many features accompany domain names.