Web Hosting to a Business website

Reseller web hosting is rapidly becoming popular because of the increased demand for cheap yet efficient web hosting. Reseller web hosting is a kind of web hosting where a hosting provider buys a large hosting space from a web hosting company and resells the hosting space to numerous individuals as smaller plans. This kind of web hosting is the cheapest you can get in the web hosting space. With that said, here are the benefits that come with reseller web hosting:

Cheap web hosting option for new startup websites

Some years back, you had to buy a whole web space to be able to establish your business online, even though you never required all that space. On top of that, buying that kind of space was relatively expensive. This means that only established businesses could set up an online presence. The introduction of reseller web hosting is a great victory for small businesses and startups, as they can build out their websites without burning money.

You can start a reseller hosting business without web hosting skills

Starting a reseller web hosting business is easy. You don’t need any web hosting skills or any other special knowledge to start. Your point of reference for queries will be the web hosting company. That means when a customer reaches out with a problem with the hosting, you just need to contact the web hosting company to get the answer to the query.

An impressive ROI for the reseller web hosting provider

While these reseller web hosting options are cheaper for new startup website owners, the reseller is still getting an impressive return on investment. For example, if a reseller purchases a server space from a web hosting company for $40 per month. They can subdivide the server space into, say, 50 units and charge $20 per unit per month. The reseller pockets a profit of $960 each month. This is a decent income.

Reseller web hosting has enabled small business to compete

If it were not for reseller web hosting options, many small businesses would not have been able to establish online presence. This would have dented their hopes of competing in the lucrative online marketplace, especially in this day and age of e-commerce explosion.


The beautiful thing about reseller web hosting businesses is the recurring monthly payments. There is steady income every month, whether you continue selling server space or not. All you need to worry about is customer support.