7 Time-Tested Tactics for Marketing on Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has given many business owners excellent avenues for cost-effective marketing. Whether you are using your Social Media platform, or Google apps, you can boost your brand awareness, and increase the sale of your products or services online.

The same applies to anyone who has a Shopify store. You have the options of using several tactics for marketing on Shopify. If you apply these strategies correctly, you can expect a significant impact on your sales.

Let us explore some of these strategies in detail below.

1. Take advantage of user-generated content

For this, you will require to have a solid relationship with your customers, because you will need them for your marketing activities. User-generated content basically refers to any media that your customers create. These content include videos, write-ups, among others.

Find a way of incentivizing the customers to feature your products on their content. You will definitely be able to reach a broad audience because you will be taking advantage of their social media networks to promote your product in a subtle manner.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencers do not only refer to celebrities, but it also includes people who have found online success because of the large numbers of followers they have.  Most of these influencers have successful blogging or vlogging channels; brands then market their products by giving them products to use and then review.

However, if you have the budget, it will not be hard to get a local celebrity on board to endorse your product.

3. Loyalty programs and giveaways

Loyalty Program will require some investment from you because; you get the customer to return by offering them something in return. For example, some supermarkets will give you a point for every $ XX spent while others will provide rewards and tiers for returning customers.

Another way to market your products on Shopify is to offer freebies. Never in history has the masses had an aversion to free things. You will get public attention, and you’ll find that the customers are more willing to engage with your brand at a deeper level. If you ask them to tag their friends perhaps or share the post, they will be more agreeable to doing it because they know they will benefit.

Discounts and promotions have the same effect. Do not be surprised at the number of people who purchase a particular product because it has a price reduction offer on it.

4. Email Marketing

In-as-much as we advocate for email marketing, you have to be careful that you do not inundate your customers with irrelevant information. Most people will not even open such emails. You, however, have a way of circumventing this that is why you have to have a thorough understanding of your target market.

Having a thorough knowledge of your target market will allow you to tailor the content to a specific segment. One rule of marketing is that you have to build a profile of your clients, clearly detailing what products they use, what their purchasing habits are, marital status, age, sex, occupation, likes and dislikes among others. Take advantage of the automation available online to schedule your posts so that your communication remains relevant and consistent.

5. Try Public Relations

Publicity will help you target new customers and help more people get access to your products. However, it is not easy to land into the media unless you work with a PR agency.   If you lack the funds to hire an expert to handle the business for you, you can reach out directly to the journalists and bloggers by giving them products to test and review. Be prepared though because you cannot always be sure of positive publicity.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting people to your online store is very important, and one way you can do this is by building content that is relevant to them. By using SEO, whereby you use relevant keywords, you have a higher chance of search engines finding your business and giving it a good ranking on their platforms.

Use the Shopify blog to write content that will help you build a connection with the customers. A well-written article will position you as an authority on the subject, making it easier for people to decide to purchase from you.

7. Build your Social Media platform

A robust social Media platform is an excellent way to market your business on Shopify. You will find an audience that is active and ready to engage with your products. Be careful about the choice for social media platforms, because it will largely depend on the product, services, and the people you are targeting. If for instance, you want to sell to teenagers, you will do very well on Snapchat and Instagram.

Shopify and Facebook also have a partnership where customers can make their complete purchase, including payments on the messenger app. This makes it very convenient for anyone who is on the Facebook social Media platform because they are able to browse through catalogs, ask any relevant questions, and follow the prompts to make a purchase; all on the messenger platform.

There are those who argue that Facebook has too much going on in its marketplace, but we cannot really argue with the numbers, because it is still one of the most popular social media platforms. If you have the budget, allocate a little bit of it to Facebook ads because, you can target a niche audience using age, location, personal interest, among others.

Whichever platform you opt to use, carefully weigh the pros and cons of each, before you make your decision.

Final thoughts

The Shopify eCommerce platform is a great way to run an online store.  You have the advantage of having so many opportunities to market your online store, thus greater brand awareness, which you can then convert into sales. 

Whether it is influencer marketing, use of social media platforms, email marketing, discounts, and promos, or even writing SEO rich blog content, you will find that you can target a large audience base, which will help Skyrocket your business to the next level.

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