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As you browse through the internet, you have come across the term domain Whois. You wonder what this phrase means. Is it essential to know about it? Does it matter for website owners? These and other questions are clicking on your mind. Maybe you took a step to ask your friends. But the answers you got have zero relationships with computing and internet world. Also, your attempt to find a solution online land you into more confusion as the information you obtain is either complicated or irrelevant.

Now, relax for your issue has a solution. This article provides all-about the Domain Whois in a simple and less technical language.

And here you go….

What is Domain Whois?

Whois Domain is a database containing a list of all registered domain names. In a simple term, it is like a file of all domain names in use across the globe. Take it this way: you are a service provider when you get a new client you put them in a record book or database where you can easily access them for future deals.

That is the same approach applied in the Domain Whois. It contains information for all domains registered through various registrars and is made available for both legal and procedural purposes.

What are the purposes of Domain Whois?

The following are some of the uses of Whois domain:

a) Identifying and fixing problems

This database is essential in handling problems on your website. Network administrators are regular users of the Whois database. The data contained in it help them in identifying and fixing problems. For instance, if your domain is having trademark and infringement issues, the network administrator will scan through this database and rectify the issues. Hence, it is essential to solving network and domain-related problems.

b) Combating fraud and spam

Online fraud and spamming is the central issue in this century. People set up websites and use them for phishing activities that put websites at risk of suffering a loss. However, through the use of Whois database, the network administrators can track domains associated with illicit activities such as posting prohibited contents.

Also, when registering a domain name, you agree with the ICANN. ICANN assures you of protection from spamming activities perpetrated through the use of Whois database. As such, the database is vital in protecting web owners from fraud and spamming activities.

How do you know if a domain name exists on the Whois domain database?

Using a lookup tool available in various domain registrars such as GoDaddy, you can check whether a domain name exists on this database.

The tool allows you to view relevant details about the domain such as its creation and expiration date, availability, and ownership. Also, some tools allow you to download a detailed document about various domain names. So, checking whether a domain name is available on the Whois domain database is as simple as ABCD.

If you own a domain name and you relocate to another region can you review or update its information?

Yes, it is possible to edit and update your domain information. However, you can only do this through your registrar, and this can happen once in a year. Important to note, ignoring to update this information can lead to suspension of your website according to ICANN rules. The rules require domain owners to give correct and complete information about their domains.

Thus, the registrars have the duty of verifying domain information and ensure it is accurate, complete and updated. Through this, ICANN aims at achieving high accuracy level to maintain the public trust.

And that’s all you need to know about Domain Whois.